Annette Barnette

Group & Incentive Travel Specialist
Annette Barnette Travel

The spectacular beauty of Paris; art and architecture along the Seine; deep reverence in experience you'll never forget. 

The Seine River springs from picturesque Burgundy, France. It flows through the heart of "Sweet Paree" before threading its way through the orchards and fields-a-bloom in Normandy. Cruising along these waters combines the best of urban and rural French culture, from the burlesque cabarets of Paris to the sleepy medieval towns along the shoreline, and the breathtaking scenery in between. Historians will enjoy a journey back in time along the Seine, with glimpses into antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the most critical moments of World War II. Whether travelers possess an appreciation of the arts and fine wine, or rolling hills and time-tested architecture, the gentle roll of the River Seine provides a relaxing rhythm to any French discovery. 

For every traveler who joins us on this cruise a donation will be made in their honor to the Griffin-Spaulding County Military Affairs Committee of the Griffin Chamber of Commerce.

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